Risk Management Information Systems

ATS/EFC - Document Management

This add-on module designed to assist you in electronic storage of all your documents.

The EFC module will import documents directly from your workstation or by scanning documents directly in with indexes. OCR scanning with automatic indexing is available. File organization is customizable and fully searchable. Once imported, a quick document link is embedded in the claim and financial history screens for easy document retrieval. Email a document directly out of the EFC with a few easy steps.

EFC module features:

· Scan and import documents into the system, while attaching the document to a specific claim.
· Direct document link from the claim screen.
· Import a file from your computer or the network and attach to a claim at the same time.
· Emailing a document directly out of the EFC module.
· Create your own document indexes and document folders.
· System alert feature which emails a user when a document has been placed in their folder.
· Optional OCR feature for automatically capturing claim or SSN info and indexing documents to a claim.
· Extraction feature for downloading a group of documents from the EFC to your computer.
· Search documents on multiple criteria.
· Easy to use web-based interface.
· Fully integrated with the ATS claims system.