Risk Management Information Systems

Employers' Reports

The employer’s Report of Injury module is an optional, add-on module designed to assist you in filing a First Report of Injury with the State or Federal Jurisdiction.

Create a new report according to the state’s current specifications and format, or with a custom workflow.

Prints the Federal and All States first reports of injury.

Complies with ISO and all States EDI requirements.

Loss Coding allows for the determination of adequate safeguards and equipment where provided. Analyze employees that used the safety measures.

Promote the report when a claim has been filed to eliminate having to retype the relevant information.

Customizable alerts, emails and ATS Diaries based on business rules via the ATS/Workflow utility.

Keeps your "incidents" out of your claim tables.

Includes extensive diary, notes and time billing features.

Successfully integrated with numerous HR and Payroll Systems for proper employee and wage verification.

Import/export features for incidents from/to external systems.