State of Maine

You have an AWESOME staff!!

Maine I have to tell you that this last project (MFASIS Upgrade) was HUGE and also IS a HUGE success on the ATS side.

I am sure I am not going to be able to adequately explain the blood, sweat and tears that went into this project, especially over the last six months or so.

We tested and re-tested many times. Things changed and re-changed multiple times.

The MFASIS changeover project, which has been in the works for two years -- finally went live on July 1.

The interfaces from ATS to MFASIS all needed to be changed. The financial data formatting is entirely different from before. All the Vendor codes are different. Check formatting changed.

It seems nothing has remained untouched in that whole system.

We have sent our second set of payments through the new AME financial system this week and I am VERY EXCITED to report that they were received, processed and ACCEPTED -- with flying colors.

Another piece that had to be totally re-vamped and re-worked was the financial IMPORT back into Payment history with the check dates and that is also working VERY WELL, thanks to the expertise and hard work from James and Matt.

(In the midst of all this MFASIS change, both Matt and James were involved in another fairly large project with us, with a deadline of under a month -- and that was the DESIGNEE CLAIM SCREEN changes.

This was not just a small screen change -- this involved changing the way we do business with our Designees and included many different types of diaries, screens, buttons.

It is amazing how -- even though our specs kept changing as the project was finishing up, that Matt and James just kept giving us what we wanted.)

James Fogel and Matt Peck went over and above what is called for on a normal project. They also worked tirelessly to re-assure me that this transition would go well.

I was having nightmares and losing sleep thinking about it. It's not that I didn't think that Matt and James could handle this change, I was sure they could do anything required of them -- but there were obstacles, such as ATS not being able to have access to our Intranet, the test servers, we lost Jim King to retirement (twice) and had three different "project leads" and ME being the "in between" person -- to name a few obstacles --plus I have never worked this closely on such a big financial software changeover.

Matt even made himself available to me via cell phone on the Fourth of July holiday when I ran into an obstacle. Both James and Matt were there for me any time I had questions, problems, and fears -- explaining things and supporting me through this whole thing.

This was such a big project and involved so many people over such a long period of time -- but the ATS staff certainly rose to the occasion -- I just can't praise their work enough.

I wanted you to know how impressive your people are -- James and Matt are ATSTARS in my book. (Can I keep them?)

Brenda L. Musselman Management

Analyst Employee Health & Benefits



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