Risk Management Information Systems


The Workflow Processor provides the ATS systems the ability to perform various repetitive tasks during the life of a claim, such as; automatic e-mail generation, creation of diary entries, execution of processes (programs, reports, SQL statements, etc.), fax, text, and more.

The utility is designed to automatically initiate a specific action, viewable or accessible by specific users or groups of users, when a pre-defined system event occurs.

· Creation of Diary entries

· Generation of e-Mail messages

· Fax, text of documents

· Generation of Reports

· Generation of Documents

· Execution of ATSScript

· Execution of SQL Procedures

· Execution of Programs

· Generation of new System Events

· Creation of Log File entries


Within each Product, there can be any number of Event Types. An Event Type is simply a way to categorize related events and define the associated hierarchy. Event Types can be defined that respond to the same System Event but have a different hierarchy.

For example, an Event Type of “First Report (State)” can be defined with a hierarchy based on the State Code and a second Event Type, “First Report (Division)”, can be defined with a hierarchy based on the Division of the employee. When a System Event is encountered that is related to First Reports, both would be checked and processed as required.